About DPIA

The acceleration in digitalisation and technology has allowed businesses, both big and small, to capitalise on new opportunities while for consumers, it has given them access to a multitude of solutions to meet their needs.

Against an evolving digital technology landscape, “constantly-connected” consumers and the COVID-19 pandemic, platform companies have come together to represent the interests of our rider partners and merchants, promote a better understanding of the digital platforms industry, as well as co-create sustainable solutions with ecosystem partners to drive this industry forward.

Code of Practice (COP)

To view DPIA’s Code of Practice (COP), please click on the link here.

Objectives of DPIA

Strengthen Singapore’s digital platform industry to boost economic activity and partner ecosystem growth.

Engage the government and other industry stakeholders to shape public policy that delivers a dynamic and vibrant platform economy that benefits all stakeholders.

Further empower rider partners through enhanced initiatives and resources focused on career, skills, safety, health and financial literacy.

Be a trusted partner and adapt to the evolving needs of the overall ecosystem.