Flexibility emerged as the key motivating factor for riders’ 
participation in the gig economy. Most riders view gig work as 
a short-term source of income.

60% Of the riders entered the gig economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Out of this, 4% were previously in upper management, 20% in middle management and 21% in skills-based/non-office jobs)
57%Named flexibility as the top motivating factor that drove their participation in the gig economy.
30%Named the ability to combine work with caring for loved ones as a key factor in their participation.
38% Were able to top up their income levels.
37% Were able to tap on an immediate source of income by participating a rider partner.
21%May work for another six months to two years.
39%Intend to continue participating in the gig economy intermittently.
34%Anticipate making long-term commitments (more than three years) to gig-work.