Digital Platforms Industry Association (DPIA) Launches Industry Code Of Practice (COP) To Shape Platform Industry Best Practices

The Digital Platforms Industry Association (DPIA), consisting of Deliveroo, foodpanda and Grab, has released the first edition of its Code of Practice (COP). In a first-of-its-kind tool for digital platforms in Singapore, industry players collaborated to develop a set of self-regulatory standards to establish and encourage industry best practices. Focusing on the areas of merchant development, as well as safety, support and development for digital platform partners, the full COP is publicly available on DPIA’s website. The COP also includes inputs from several other digital platform companies, such as Gojek and TADA, who are looking to join DPIA in the near future. 


The COP complements the recent Advisory Committee on Platform Workers (ACPW) recommendations as well as ongoing Tripartite Working Group (TWG) discussions. As the industry grows and evolves, future editions of the COP will be updated accordingly. 


Since its establishment in 2022, DPIA has been taking an active role in initiatives and partnerships to target these key areas of concern, placing our riders and merchants at the centre of our business operations. To address concerns raised by riders in individual and industry-wide feedback sessions, DPIA engaged with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) during the development of the Advisory Note to facilitate safe and efficient delivery pick-ups at commercial malls. In a joint effort by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Singapore Standards Council (SSC), Food Industry Asia (FIA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA), DPIA members were part of a working group that provided insights and support in the formation of guidelines for food e-commerce in Singapore. In support of our hawker merchant’s efforts towards digitalisation, DPIA members have also previously worked alongside the hawker community, industry and the National Environment Agency (NEA) as part of the SG Together Alliance for Action (AfA). 


Looking ahead, DPIA is in conversations with several other organisations on initiatives and programmes that will support rider welfare and upskilling efforts, which will be announced at a later time. 


With the eventual aim of representing the digital platform industry, DPIA will continue to take actionable steps to balance the needs of all stakeholders, ensuring the sustainable growth of the industry that is in line with Singapore’s digital hub goals and emphasis on building a resilient workforce.