DPIA publishes its 1st Annual Progress Report

In commemoration of its 1 year anniversary, DPIA will be launching our first Annual Progress Report! The report will provide a broad overview of trends in the industry, as well as DPIA’s initiatives and collaborations with other stakeholders in the last year.

Additionally, an overview of findings from our recent DPIA survey for delivery partners can be found in this report, with future editions of surveys to be launched at later dates.

Some key findings from the survey include: 

  • The platform economy and platform workers remain vibrant and remarkably diverse. Platform workers come from a myriad of backgrounds; each having different lived realities, motivations for engaging in platform work, and self-defined purposes within the platform economy.
  • Platform workers find fulfilment and satisfaction in their work, with 61.8% of platform workers surveyed enjoying platform work in and of itself. 
  • The key motivators for engaging in platform work remain the flexibility it provides (52.3%), and platform work being an important source of supplementary or temporary income (35.9%) for platform workers.
  • A key pain point is the day-to-day operational challenges platform workers face, with 81.4% of respondents agreeing that platform workers should be treated with more respect in society. 
  • While platform companies continue to be the go-to option for assistance for the majority (72%) of our platform workers, the multifaceted nature of issues faced by platform workers makes supporting the platform economy a whole-of-society effort.

DPIA is proud of the foundational work done to establish industry-wide cooperation thus far in shared issues such as upskilling, road safety for delivery and rider partners, and we’re only just getting started! 

Looking ahead, DPIA hopes to continue growing its presence in the industry and forge stronger relationships with other industry stakeholders.

Click here to access the full report and survey findings.