Statement on the Advisory Committee on Platform Workers Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Session

The Digital Platforms Industry Association (DPIA) appreciates the Advisory Committee on Platform Workers (ACPW) for the opportunity to engage and hear from different stakeholders including riders, the Government, and platform companies. We support initiatives that help protect and look after our rider partners as they are key players within the platform ecosystem. Over the past year, DPIA members have been actively contributing by providing data, insights and feedback to support the government’s review of platform worker protections. Aside from the ACPW, DPIA members have also been working with government agencies and other key stakeholders to roll out various initiatives that address broader rider concerns, such as health and safety improvements, upskilling opportunities, infrastructural support (e.g., waiting bays), and more.

We recognise that as the recommendations are gradually implemented, it will inevitably impact costs which may affect rider earnings and consumer prices. A recurring concern that we have been hearing from our rider partners is the potential drop in take-home earnings from them having to contribute to CPF, and whether gig work can continue to be a viable source of income for them and their family. To mitigate the impact of these additional costs on riders’ earnings, DPIA members will work with the ACPW to look into ways to ensure that implementation is carried out over a viable timeline to ensure gig work is still sustainable for our rider partners.

Overall, we hope the recommendations would take our partners’ realities and perspectives into account, as well as complement DPIA’s continual efforts to address the needs of our rider partners. DPIA and our member platforms are committed to continually engage with MOM and the ACPW on our feedback and suggestions, to jointly shape a sustainable gig economy for all workers.